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#1 LUXE PACK Monaco

le 03 October 2019

LuxePack Monaco 2019,  creative packaging capitale, is a strategic event for tomorrow’s trends, and offers a global vision of the latest packaging solutions…

With nearly 9,300 visitors, 470 exhibitors, with an international point of view … LUXE PACK Monaco is THE essential show to discover the latest innovation in premium packaging.

LuxePack Monaco 2019 – Trends Observer

Trends & Innovations

The trends seems to clearly be a willingness from suppliers to offer more “green” packaging and a more European supplies. As Consumers are more aware and European regulations is tighter, the circular economy is implemented at all levels to reuse the material rather than destroy it. The decoration of the stands is also affected.

For the cosmetics industry, the stakes are enormous: it involves working on the cork, the primary packaging, the secondary packaging, the bottle, the label, the ink, the refill, the cardboard, up to the waste phase … the whole value chain has to be revalued. The type of material is also more diverse: plastic, the most predominant material, let more space for other materials such as glass, cardboard, or metal, which can be new opportunities for innovation.

Without any surprise, artificial intelligence and digital are at the heart of new trends. The consumer is increasingly connected and looking for a real experience: it’s the key to create an interaction between the consumer, the point of sale and the product.

A maze of booths and exhibitors

3 days are needed to visit the 6 levels and 470 exhibitors. The booths are all very beautiful. To maximize the time at the show, some specialized spaces divide the show :

  • The Luxe Pack Digital Village space highlights innovative digital solutions for luxury packaging.
  • The Luxe Pack Formulation space attract the 60% of visitors who are decision-makers in the perfume-cosmetics sector.
  • An exhibition, organized by materiO ‘- THE MOST exhibit some 33 exceptional materials.

Meeting experts

A program of conferences, which follow trends, gives voice to the best experts and rhythm the whole event. It’s not surprising to find startups: Medene , ABYSSEA , lerougefrancais as speakers.

Stéphanie Pierre, founder of Abyssea, led a conference on algae: “Luxe Pack suggested me to speak about algae and nutricosmetics” and add: “it’s a great way to be different and make me known, it’s a big visibility. “ It’s also an excellent opportunity to meet new suppliers, customers or even consumers: “it’s a great time to reach « big players », while being in phase with my premium target”. A tip for startups who are still hesitant? “It’s a good way to be a precursor and expand your network.”

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