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Medene, the challenger climbing the essential oils market

le 28 August 2019

This Marseille-based company designs and markets organic essential and vegetable oil blends for beauty and well-being. To distinguish itself from the giants of the field in a booming market, it wants to develop a tailor-made offer and hopes to take off in the coming months.

“Nothing too much,” said Socrates. Which gives Meden Agan in Greek. It is from this expression that Medene takes its name.

Nothing too much is what the new modes of consumption are aiming for. A return to basics Simple products, whether food or cosmetics. Evidenced by the rise of essential oils.

In France, they represent a turnover of 200 million euros with two major players that are Aroma-Zone and Puressentiel. And this market is experiencing growth comparable to that of organic, namely 16% in France, 8% worldwide.

Camille Pereira, PDG de Medene

Guide and protect consumers

Products often used to make homemade compositions, in the trend of “do it yourself”. Problem: lovers of aromatherapy sometimes struggle to find the recipes that correspond to them and worse, they expose themselves to certain risks.

We tend to believe that since it’s natural, it’s safe. However, some molecules in these oils are the same as those used in some drugs. This is the most concentrated part of the plant and this can lead to side effects such as burns, allergies or even convulsions in some cases.

The challenge is to guide the consumer, safely. What are the three foundresses of Medene, located within Obratori, the incubator of Occitane.

Finely selected suppliers

For now, they have already designed two compositions: a body oil called Coco Craquant that contains essential oils of palmarosa, petit grain bigarade as well as calendula and argan oils; and a serum, Boom Boom Power, mixing peppermint, pine and ginger, among others. Raw materials made available by suppliers located in Avignon and Clermont Ferrand, selected with a fine comb.

We went there. We wanted 100% organic. It also required suppliers who offer a wide catalog, with good distillation methods.

In terms of containers and packaging, the three young entrepreneurs chose French manufacturing from responsible sources.

As for the recipes, they are conceived in partnership with the scientific world, in particular the University of Tours pharmacy. The selected compositions are then tested by the users, after which a handle is placed on the market.

A tailor-made offer

If the two products launched have made it possible to test the market thanks to crowdfunding on the Ulule platform, the ambition has been to offer tailor-made solutions since the beginning. A way to differentiate yourself from competitors. For this, Medene should soon offer its customers a personalized diagnosis.

They will be able to inform their preferences as well as their medical history. From this information, we will determine the ideal formula.

By the end of the year, the company hopes to release new products, “for well-being and beauty routine”. But because of the cost of the oils and the expenses to be incurred to test the products, it will need financing and intends to organize a fundraising of about one million euros by the end of the year.

The objective is also to develop its presence in shops, its products being for the moment sold on its website.

Our ambition is to extend the diagnosis in the shop because we are convinced that the physical points of sale are essential. Users need to touch and feel the products.

A way to finish convincing the followers of aromatherapy, but also to convert new users.

La Tribune Marseille – by Maëva Gardet-Pizzo