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le 03 December 2019

OBRATORI, as a true “startup studio”, is dedicated to startups’ creation based on patented technological innovations, and to support startups in their value creation. We invest in entrepreneurial projects that strive to address specific concerns, integrating their business models, differentiated products and intellectual property. We are also offering an infrastructure to support the growth of these emerging startups by strengthening their technological, financial, marketing, and sales capabilities, among other functions.

“We support the development of cosmetics, wellness & Retailtech companies, for which there is evidence of their products’ effectiveness and solutions, as well as regulatory evidence of so-called “clean” formulas, says Amaury Godron, Managing Director of OBRATORI. “LE ROUGE FRANCAIS is based on strong innovations in cosmetic formulation and packaging, manufactured with a very high degree of naturalness, eco-responsibility and according to good manufacturing practices (GMP). All in the service of a new offer requested by consumers, for uncompromising beauty or their health, nor on sensorially and desirability. “

Created by Elodie Carpentier and her husband Salem Ghezaili, la Maison LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS has developed a first line of lipsticks with pigments from tinctorial plants (plant pigments). The formulas are natural, organic certified and vegan. Dedicated to offering beauty products made in France, with proven biological properties and without controversial ingredients, la Maison LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS proposes a new cosmetic paradigm.

After 18 months of R&D, LE ROUGE FRANCAIS started in October 2018 with online distribution and has since expanded to a selective national distribution network. In 2020, the brand plans to accelerate its commercial deployment with key brands in line with its positioning luxury and well-being.

Prior to OBRATORI’s investment, the startup listened to partners and capital to strengthen its brand structure and deploy its innovations. “To meet OBRATORI was quite fortuitous. We were ready. They were ready, “says Salem Ghezaili, co-founder and President of LE ROUGE FRANCAIS. “We immediately built trusted relationships with the OBRATORI team around our values and shared commitment, as well as a global vision and a successful strategy. “